Pastor Joseph Cadicamo

“If you will diligently hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God…”, it can be a strange and unfamiliar thing to consider, hearing the voice of God, if you think you have never heard it before…

It was very early on that Pastor Joseph began to hear God’s voice. Raised in a difficult environment Pastor Joseph knew there was a call on his life from childhood. Because of his Catholic upbringing at first he thought it could be as a priest but he sensed in his heart there was more for him. It was at age 7 that his brother shared the gospel with him and through a gospel concert he attended that he asked Jesus to save him and come to live in his heart at an altar call. He continued pursuing the Lord and growing in his relationship with Him.

Readily sharing his faith with friends and those he met he began street ministry and decided to go through a 1 year bible program in San Diego. God miraculously provided for him to go on his first international crusade to Scotland and to finish the bible program and those experiences changed him forever. It was clear he had a calling to the nations and yearned for more of what he had experienced with the Lord during that ministry time. Two years later he found himself joining another graduate from this 1-year program to start a ministry called Streetlights International Ministries to teens, runaways and anybody who would listen. The ministry was based in the Los Angeles area and it was while in Los Angeles that he and his ministry partner sensed they were to pioneer their first church in Santa Monica. The church and ministry launch were accomplished while partnering with the Salvation Army. He would continue with this work until the Lord called him away some 2 years later to go to Azusa Pacific University to major in Music and Theology.

During his time at Azusa he was attending the Church on the Way a congregation in Van Nuys, CA where he would meet his wonderful wife and co-founder of Heart of the Father International Ministries, Pastor Debbie L. Cadicamo during a vocal performance workshop (they yearn to see others brought into the intimacy that worship in Spirit and Truth allows with the Lord).

Pastor Joseph is a songwriter and worship leader. He incorporates these gifts into his ministry times flowing in prophetic song, words and teaching, as well as moving in the miraculous. He has seen many set free from physical, emotional, and spiritual brokenness/captivity. His greatest pleasure is bringing people to know the Love of the Father, Son and Spirit and equipping/releasing them to set others free to know God’s love as well.