Our vision is to see the Body of Messiah/Christ awake and brought to her full potential as she steps into her identity given by the Father. It is to see her empowered with the same authority Jesus/Yeshua walked in, manifesting the miraculous in even greater ways than He did by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We seek to grow believers to their highest potential and set them into their callings. We will support them along the way so that they succeed in that to which they have been called. We desire to do this around the world by partnering with various ministries, organizations and all manner of outreaches, which includes setting up Christ centered businesses.

We seek to reach the lost around the world and to bring them into a saving knowledge and relationship with the Lord Yeshua and to see them raised up to fulfill the calling and purpose for which the Father created them, enduing them with His power.

Salvation or redemption through Jesus is not the end or finish it is the beginning or starting line. Once we have been re-established in our relationship with the One who created us we are than ready to move into what we have been created for, to run the race of Life and obtain the prize and fulfillment that awaits us. That is not just in heaven but here on the earth! It is our goal to bring as many people as possible to this point.

Start dreaming again!