Do you believe or do you know?

I have been thinking about the people in scripture.  Those few that stood out from the rest.  What set them apart from the others?  I know that I want to be one of those that actually walk in a manner that is worthy of my calling and I believe that most believers would like that too, if they knew how.

It’s in the knowing not just believing or hoping for something that we are able to accomplish or manifest things, like Joshua and Caleb did.  What set Abraham apart?  Was it his believing God that caused him to become the Father of the Hebrew/Jewish nation?  Was it his believing that caused God to bless he and his seed like it was blessed?  Why did Joshua and Caleb get to enter the promised land when all the others, an entire generation did not but died in the wilderness?  Why were the 12 selected rather than others and why were they still accepted even after their failures except for Judas the betrayer?  Why was Saul of Tarsus chosen after having killed so many believers and causing so much trouble it seems for those of the faith?

The answer to these questions are found in their stories and throughout scripture but is summed up in James 1:25.  It is what sets apart true believers from the demons and the world.  They weren’t just believers.  They weren’t just hearers (although faith does come from hearing and hearing from the Word, Rom 10:17).  They heard and they did!  They were doers of the the Word and because of this the Word is clear, doers are blessed (James 1:25b, John 13:17, Math 7:24-29, Luke 11:28).  Abram heard God’s command and took his family and all he had and followed God to where he received the promise and became Abraham.

What promise you might ask…WOW!  Or should I say which promise, he received many.  Or I could talk about how through his obedience the original mandate given to Adam and Eve was restored and not only did God give it to Abraham but He, God accomplished it through him.  God actually did it for Abraham as Abraham followed God in faith with obedience.  That is why it was accounted to Abraham as righteousness.  That brother was a New Covenant Man no longer walking according to the Law of Moses but according to the perfect Law of Liberty in and through Christ Jesus, which is how we are called.  God actually did it through him and for him just as 1 Thes 5:24 says He will do it through and for us, but that is another message.

Joshua and Caleb walked in the same manner.  The Lord spoke to each one and they heard God, believed Him (as we know many in the world do and so it is with the demons) but than they took the next step necessary which sets the one doing it apart from the rest.  They honored God in their obedience and than walked out their belief, their faith.  So it was with 11 of the 12 disciples Jesus chose but they continued believing and obeying even when the other 72 did not.  This is why Saul became Paul.  Saul although a killer of believers wanted to honor God and believed he was, by doing what he was doing.  He was a man who heard the Word and took action.  He was a doer but he was in error and had to be corrected.  But clearly God saw his heart and went after him to set him straight knowing he had the potential to do great things for the Kingdom.  The results however still lay in the man’s choice to hear God’s Word which would be brought to him by the Savior Himself.  He had the choice to believe that Word and the One who brought it.  He had the choice to obey that Word becoming a doer of Truth fulfilling what he had been created for and honoring God at the same time being set free from the spirit of religion and error.  It’s what we are called to and what the Holy Spirit is hear to lead us into.

You see when we come to the place that we begin to hear God and believe Him it stirs us and unsettles or disturbs the water (so to speak).  Do you know what I mean?  Have you ever walked in a stream or lake where the water was clear and when you walked into to it you stirred the silt or dirt on the bottom and the water became mucky or unclear for a moment?  As the water continued to flow it cleared up again as the dirt was washed away, right?  That’s how it is with the water of God’s Word.  Whether it be the spoken Word He speaks to us directly or the written that we read from the scripture, it can stir us up and cause us to feel unsettled, mucky, even a little dirty sometimes but that’s great!  It’s just washing away the dirt so that we can be clear, clean and ready for the next step.

Once you’ve heard, faith comes to you to act on it.  He instructs you as to how to proceed in obedience.  Than He causes you to see through His eyes what is to be, so that you can act on it if you are willing.  He than accomplishes it through you, accounting it to you as Righteousness as He did with Abraham.  That is the abiding that James talked about in chapter 1 vs 25, whoever looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides in it or should I say abides in Him, that one becomes an effectual doer of the Word…doer of God…God does through that one (1Thes 5:24).  They become one and that one is blessed in all he does because he or she has aligned himself/herself with God and received the blessings God has.

This is the “Do you believe or do you know?”  Knowing isn’t just knowing a fact, that’s believing.  Knowing is becoming One with Truth so that Truth becomes One with you.  He sets you free to do and be all that He, Truth intended from the beginning.  He sets you free from all the other information that has so bogged down mankind and kept us dirty and unproductive, having belief but not doing or being in true relationship with Him.  He flows through us making us clean so we can in turn bring that living water to others so that they can be clean too!  That’s becoming One with the River of Life.  The doing releases the Living water to flow as long as we are walking in Truth and He is walking in us.

Walking in this manner with Him is not difficult because He gives us the Word to believe (Ps 107:20 He sent forth His Word and healed their disease).  He gives us the Faith to follow in obedience (1 Cor 12:9a to another Faith by the same Spirit).  He gives us the Strength to do the Word (2Cor 12:9b for My strength is made perfect in weakness).  Than He blesses us out of His own blessings because we have become One with Him and made a part of His own household with all of it’s benefits (Luke 8:21 but He answered and said to them, “My mother and brother are these who hear the Word of God and do it.”)

What a wonderful Way He is for us to walk in even after we are all fallen in sin.  He only wants us to be free and blessed in relationship with Him and the fullness of Life He planned from before the beginning (Rev 13:8).  You can look that one up!  You get blessed for just reading it!  If you would like a double blessing read it out loud, you get blessed for hearing it too!  Woohooooo!  I like that!